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Party Delights

Slay Halloween



 Key Results

+30% Transactions from social (2017 v 2018) 

+50% Social media reach (2017 v 2018) 

692,000 Coverage views from earned media

The opportunity

Party Delights is the UK’s biggest online party shop with Halloween the cornerstone of its sales calendar.

WXY was drafted to create an engagement campaign, manage all social media channels as well as effectively use paid budget to generate sales.

 The plan

Following current trends and using the popularity of big-budget films, such as Venom, The Nun and TV shows like Rick & Morty, WXY enhanced organic reach. Original video content in the form of make-up tutorials like “VENUN” capitalised on two of the biggest blockbuster films during the Halloween period.

Communicating Party Delight’s range to cut through competitors and reach consumers was essential during peak trading times. Celebrities such as Gemma Atkinson and Strictly Come Dancing’s Gorka Márquez were enlisted to promote couples’ costumes. Additionally, partnering with parent influencers and bloggers helped to increase visibility of the company’s kids costumes..


The right content mix

Creating a mixture of professionally shot video and imagery, coupled with user-generated content, allowed customers to see a vast range of costume and party ideas. 

Strengthen social media content through paid strategy

WXY used retargeting existing and lookalike audience to generate sales to relevant audiences.


Take conversation beyond brand-only channels to generate earned media

By expanding reach to influencers and working with external news sites we helped place competitions and product listings, enhancing brand visibility.


Gemma Atkinson (left)



The campaign helped to increase new website visitors by 20% through social media while creating a paid reach of over 1 million on Facebook alone, with the average consumer seeing ads at least three times.

Not only did the campaign deliver a consistent look and feel that put key products front and centre, it was also supported by popular video content to drive on-platform engagement and key competitions placed to help increase organic reach to over half a million.



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