WXY is here. Come on in

Yes, we’ve officially launched. Having spent a lot of time behind the scenes setting up the company, we settled on WXY – a collaboration of Wieczorek x Young. Our logo was inspired by colour pallets of 16-bit games  (thank you SEGA MEGA DRIVE) and have a base of operations in the UK’s media hub, MediaCityUK, Salford, but find ourselves working all over the place which is the beauty of being a small and mighty agile consultancy!

What we’re about…

WXY aims to make a mark, getting brands seen, heard and spoken about. To do that, we deliver campaigns that target and resonate with consumer attitudes, not solely on the limited demographics and profiles that are often bartered around in marketing meetings.

We formed WXY because we want:

  • To be clear upfront about what we can effectively deliver. We don’t claim to be unique…we just do things better.

  • To take the ire out of marketing, the jargon, those acronyms... We leave them at the door and promise to speak plain English.

  • To analyse and clearly report on campaign success. Never using inflated numbers to justify our work.

  • To buck the norm. The people who pitch to you are the people doing the work. There’s no hidden costs and no third party working for you that you don’t know about.

Our Services

Across four core areas, our services can be tailored to a brand’s exact requirements:

Social Media

The cornerstone of the WXY, we carry out all things social including paid strategy, organic execution, content creation, influencer management, and partnerships. So, if you want a Snapshot idea to bolster your brand reach or an Instagram collab that’ll get your customers talking over Friday drinks – then we’re your marketing duo.


A fancy word for a PR stunt. Either online or in a physical space, we can create and carry out the logistics to get your brand experience off the ground and delivering. From risk assessments to resourcing qualified personnel it’s not just the creative we have nailed.

Content Marketing

Primarily video, digital and press support on ideas created this includes things such as, creating a microsite, generating user-generated/third-party content for your brand or getting you on a website that’s viewed by your audience.

Shopper Marketing

We work with leading e-commerce companies to get your product samples delivered to up to 50,000 homes to a targeted audience, for less than the cost of a 1st class stamp per product sent. Brilliant for new product launches and more effective than street sampling.

You can download our services PDF HERE.

Making buying ideas as easy as buying something from Amazon

We are the first consultancy to give creative marketing services a much-needed e-comm makeover.

For £85 (includes VAT) you can buy creative ideas directly from our website. WXY can carry out the ideas or, if you want to do them in-house or procure your ideas to a separate agency, that’s fine too. We’ll include a summarised plan on how to execute the idea too. Want to find out more see here.

And finally, one from the directors

Gemma says: “WXY has been a labour of love for Marc and I. We met in an agency and, despite going our separate ways, always came back together to plot this venture. We’ve never been arsed about flashy offices, liquid lunches or lengthy meetings; instead, we want to get cracking and create great campaigns that get people talking for the right reasons.”


Marc says: “We founded WXY to bring together our skills and deliver brilliant campaigns, we’ve spent many an after-work drink, dreaming and creating campaigns thinking ‘wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could do that?’ So, we did.


“We aren’t your usual marketing bods, and I’m sure we have ruffled a few feathers with our approach but brands we work for have also got our passion and working with Gemma to build WXY is something I know is a powerful mix.”


So, welcome. Have a look around.

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