Five Tips for Amazon Sellers: The Three-Minute Read You Need

You can’t question Amazon’s dominance, and with the right product mix, retailers are making a fortune selling their products through the platform. It’s not uncommon to see retail giants getting in the action too, proving that it’s rapidly taking its place as the new high street as we know it.

If you’re a retailer looking to take advantage of selling on Amazon, WXY is here to help you overcome any challenges with our usual no-nonsense advice!

Your audience doesn’t live on Amazon

It’s no big surprise that your potential customers aren’t just looking on Amazon for a product; they’re scouring the web whether that’s other shops, Google Shopping lists, consumer reviews and websites with the sole purpose of making products go viral (remember the Ostrich pillow that seemed to be everywhere?!).

WXY solution?

Not only do we list your products on Amazon, we also place them on high-ranking sites. In short, we create greater search options for your products. Think of it like putting your product in many different shop windows.

FYI, the Ostrich pillow...



Your competitors are working just as hard

Unless your product is truly different (still looking at you Ostrich pillow), the changes are there will be products out there similar to yours. Whether they’re cheaper, better quality or a different brand, Amazon makes it easy for users to find alternatives.

WXY solution?

We make sure your product description is hitting the mark and let you know what competitors are selling similar items for. Additionally, we’ll source additional and genuine user reviews to bolster your listing. All elements are essential to ensure you remain competitive.  

You’re going to need a checklist too

Just like most projects, you’re going to need a checklist to make sure you’re not missing the essentials of getting your products listed on Amazon.

WXY solution?

We provide a handy checklist for all Amazon services, so you know you’ve got all bases covered.

The best part? It won’t cost you a fortune

There are no agency fees or crazy advertising costs when you work with WXY. Our Amazon prices start at a one-off fee of £120, with all of our services designed to help you get the edge on the competition, drive traffic to your products and sell more.

We are also fully independent from Amazon, so there’s no hidden agenda - just impartial advice and great services.

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