Anatomy of a Stunt – Carrie

In our Anatomy of the Stunt series, WXY l delves into film promotion and how marketers are going beyond normal mediums to put films front and centre into the consciousness of the moviegoing audience.

What it is 

The Telekinetic Teen, Carrie is one of a slew of horror flicks that got the remake treatment and to promote it – a Carrie prank was let loose on the good people of NYC. A coffee shop rigged like a movie set, creating what looks like a casual customer developing supernatural powers, all played out during commuter time.

What makes it good

Takes the spirit of the film

Taking something that is deemed a classic and creating a stunt that isn’t too on the nose or running the risk of being too cheesy isn’t easy.

Executed Flawlessly

The scare tactic isn’t new but this took it to whole new levels recreating a movie set right on the busy streets of NYC. It was well produced, especially for an idea that looks great on paper but could have been difficult to bring to real life

On brand and get’s people talking

The viral video itself is worth watching start to finish, in an age where we bemoan at YouTube ads that lasting longer than six seconds, getting people to engage for what is essentially a promotional video, featuring no celebrities is pretty good going.

Our commitment is:

  • Cost-effective. It doesn’t cost as much as you think (no harsh agency mark-up).

  • Logistics. Getting you from a to z, we do all the heavy lifting from creative development

  • to production.

  • Legal savviness. We ensure your stunt complies with territory laws and regulations.

  • Results. Your stunt is not just a one-off, we make sure you keep seeing results for your brand, building on the stunt’s success to fully achieve the awareness and attention your brand deserves.

Anatomy of the stunt is part of WXY’s current campaign to deliver national brand stunts that

live in the real world, online, in social media feeds, on the news and delivered to your



From development to execution, our PR stunts will cost no more than £65,000.


The only thing that isn’t part of the price pledge is:

-       Media buying (this is any radio, TV, YouTube spots or out of home or mail drop advertising): We are happy to recommend a media buying partner to assist with your campaigns

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