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proficient in the dark arts of PR, marc dables in the light side with extensive social media, influencer and experiential missions logs saved in the land of FMCG and e-commerce. Occasionally lectures the next gen of talent at Manchester metropolitan university.


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a copywriter by trade that has levelled up in the art of content marketing & E-commerce, has dwelled in the dungeons of website builds and came out the other Side, hungry for the next challenge that awaits. author of the young adult horror series, blackbrooke under the pen name emma silver.

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The epicentre of our operations comes from Media City UK, home of the BBC. The Greater Manchester location means we are in the beating heart of the UK’s fastest growing media hub! Our Northern grit and Salford routes sits at the foundation of our values. No jargon, just great work.

VISIT US: WXY, The Blue Tower, MediaCityUK, M50 2ST.

Memberships and partners


Terms & Conditions:


/gaming Part 1

Consultancy Part 2

All Part 3



All information

Information that is deemed press information can be shared with media who have

All information Given is accurate at the time of sending

Data will be used in accordance to EU and GDPR regulations


The information we hold will not be shared inappropriately or exchanged in a purpose that is not intended

Contact information will be held in accordance to GDPR and confidentiality regulations

Contact information will not be shared with third parties

WXY will enact as a mediator between press enquiries and your company

For newsletter sign up

Media newsletter sign up, no data / emails will be shared with third parties, unless written consent is given

No public disclosure of your sign up nor unauthorised requests to access to data

Comply with EU, UK and GDPR regulations

Legitimate interest

We aim to contact media and representatives that express or have expressed relevant interests in /gaming offering. Our legitimate interests include:

  • Contacting you on new gaming news

  • Contacting our customers on media requests

  • Contacting for clarifications

  • Requesting media coverage from publishers

  • Additional enquiries that relate to the service offered and with the aim to gain coverage for customers

Minimum contract

Customers signed up to /gaming or /gaming XL have a minimum contact of 11 months. Annual payments are renews after 12 months.


WXY will contact when renewal date nears, please write to us at with the subject line “CANCEL” and we will unsubscribe you.


You accept that:

WXY has the ability to execute all ideas given, a price list will be accompanied by the ideas if WXY is choose to complete the work

If WXY is not chosen as the third party to deliver work, WXY will receive credit (such as award entries) in the work created

WXY is not appointed as the consultancy to execute

If ideas are not executed;

WXY will retain full rights to use them for other purposes

Ideas cannot be shared with other parties i.e. competitor brand, without prior consent from WXY.


If ideas are therein executed without credit to WXY, this will be in conflict with copyright law in the territories that WXY will accept work. Failure to acknowledge WXY in the execution of work will conflict with selected territories law intellectual property and copyright law.



The work will be delivered as stated. If this can not be fulfilled WXY will contact the customer 24 hour prior to deadline.

WXY agrees to:

1 Not to discuss the Client's affairs with any representative of the media

2 Be responsible for the creative execution of the ideas given

3 The accuracy, completeness and propriety of information concerning the information provided

4 Rudimental market research and marketing executions that relate to the work identified in the questionnaire

5 Store contact details upon the requirements of GDPR, and do not share contact details with any third parties

6 Content delivery, wireframe of project plan, costs from WXY for execution, ideas in a WXY branded presentation, an optional phone call to further discuss ideas.

Intellectual Property

WXY shall retain credit for any work given

The customer agrees that delivery of the ideas indicates that they have been seen by the business and the customers representatives and using ideas external from WXY will mean that credit to WXY needs to be given.

This includes but not limited to, media opportunities, procuring work to other third parties, delivering the work internally, award entries.

Notwithstanding any assignment of rights, the Consultancy may use any of the created work for the purposes of internal training or, with the Client's prior consent (which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed), in the promotion of the Consultancy, such as case studies / entering awards.

Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, WXY shall retain:

  • all of its rights, title and interest in:

  • all materials owned by or licensed to WXY prior to, or independent from, the performance of Services under this Agreement, and all modifications thereof; and

  • all generic or proprietary information, and all ideas, software, applications, methodologies,

  • processes or procedures used, created or developed by WXY in the conduct of its business.

The provisions of this clause shall survive the expiry or termination of the Agreement.



WXY’s service fees, exclusive of VAT, and based on management, creative, and administrative time in the UK, will be charged at the rate of stated prior to work taking place.


Refunds will only be given in cases were work has been agreed and there has been no delivery.

WXY has the right to refuse work on the basis of questionnaire and type of work demanded.

The client / customer agrees to the terms set out in the forwarded contract, scope of work and service level agreements sent.

By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to allow WXY to create and send ideas related to your objectives, and payment of these ideas agreed before prior knowledge of the ideas.