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Who are you? 

What do you have to say?

Who do you want to say it to?


Our approach is governed by the answers to those three simple questions. WXY is a specialist branding and social media consultancy that sparks meaningful relationships between brands and their ideal audiences. From this, we utilise our knowledge, experience and an extended team of specialists to tailor a campaign that meets brand-specific goals.


WXY Consultants



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proficient in the dark arts of PR, marc dables in the light side with extensive social media, influencer and experiential missions logs saved in the land of FMCG and e-commerce. Occasionally lectures the next gen of talent at Manchester metropolitan university.


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a copywriter by trade that has levelled up in the art of content marketing & E-commerce, has dwelled in the dungeons of website builds and came out the other Side, hungry for the next challenge that awaits. author of the young adult horror series, blackbrooke under the pen name emma silver.